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Problems with stepper motor control Next3D

Verfasst: So 26. Jun 2016, 17:54
von PJDK
Hi I am a newbie in CNC world and has just bought a Next3D with CNC Studio USB it came with a Stepp2600 controller.

I've got a problem after assembling the machine.

I use Win7 with CNC Studio USB, all restrictions and power saving is off.
My set-up (PC) - (USB LPT) - (Stepp2600) - (Next3D)

Everything is set according to the manual, I have exposed and tested all wires.

When I tryed to set up and test my machine, it looks like the engines are not set up correctly.

When I use the CNC Studio setting - Test Axial Z Y X this happens:

Z is running. But not by pressing the Z up/down, but by pressing the X left and right?
Y is running ok. But if I then press the X and Z, I can hear a strange noise from the Y motor.
X do not run! But again by pressing the Z and Y strange noise from the other engines (slightly random which one).

The engines have been tested one by one and they all work.

I've tried to set PIN 2 to PIN 7 to:
(PIN 2 Direction Z) (PIN3 Step Z)
(PIN 4 Direction Y) (PIN 5 Step Y)
(PIN 6 Direction X) (PIN 7 Step X)

But this with this setup I can only get Y and Z to run X still fails.

I have tried to replace the Steep2600 card but with the same result.

Has anyone successfully used a Next3D in Windows 7 with CNC Studio USB and Stepp2600 controler?
If yes with what setting?
Has anyone had similar problems with CNC Studio?
Any hint and help is very welcome.

You can answer in German as I read German but my written is not so good :D

Re: Problems with stepper motor control Next3D

Verfasst: Di 28. Jun 2016, 15:42
von smc
Hallo PJDK , Dear PJDK
hier die korrekte Pinbelegung der Step 2600 (NEXT3D) :
Here the correct pin assignment of Step 2600 (NEXT 3D):
in englisch
The pin assignment is as follows:
X - step> Pin 3 / X - direction> Pin 2
Y - step> Pin 5 / Y - direction> 4 Pin
Z - step> Pin 7 / Z - direction> 6 Pin
Pin 16 is enable> must have + 5V to work with the machine

in deutsch:
Die Pin zuordnung ist so:
X - schritt >Pin 3 / X - richtung > Pin 2
Y - schritt >Pin 5 / Y - richtung > Pin 4
Z - schritt >Pin 7 / Z - richtung > Pin 6
Pin 16 is enable > muss auf +5V liegen, zum arbeiten mit der machine

liebe Grüsse
Kind regards

Re: Problems with stepper motor control Next3D

Verfasst: Di 28. Jun 2016, 20:15
von PJDK
Hi smc
Thanks for your quick replay.
I have started with exactly the setting that you mention but then the machine is acting strangely.
I have tried/tested the following in CNC Studio.

In "test axis" I'm pressing the Y button all is running correctly and also sounds OK.
When the button is pressed the following can be measured 3,4v to 3.5V at Blue -Yellow - Green - Red wire.
I'm pretty sure that is normal values.

In "test axis" I'm pressing the X button but this only drives the Z axle (up/down)!? The Z motor sounds strange.
When the X button is pressed the following can be measured on X Blue (-0,05v) -Yellow (-0,04v) – Green (0,37v) – Red (+2,21v)
BUT when measured at the Z axis the following can be measured 3,4v to 3.6V at Blue -Yellow - Green - Red

Testing Z in the "test axis" I'm pressing the Z button but nothing happens. Beside a clunk sound.
When the button is pressed the following can be measured shortly (Blue -0,09v) -Yellow (-0,04v) - Green (0,37v) - Red (+ 2,21v)

I'm pretty sure that all should be measured as the Y.


Re: Problems with stepper motor control Next3D

Verfasst: Mi 29. Jun 2016, 11:55
von smc
Hallo PJDK,
Leider kann ich Dir keine korrekten messwerte mitteilen, da ich eine ganz andere Maschine, von einem anderen Hersteller habe. Auch meine Steuerung und die motoren sind ganz andere als die der Next3D. Ich kenne mich nur allgemein mit CNC-Steuerungen aus und kenne die Anschlussbelegung vom LPT anschluss von der STEP 2600.
Wenn trotz korrektem anschluss von der STEP2600 die motoren nicht richtig funktionieren, solltest Du kontakt mit dem Support von GoCNC aufnehmen. Das kannst du telefonisch oder per E-Mail machen. Die Adresse und Telefonnummer findest Du auf der Website von GoCNC.
Ich vermute einen Defekt der STEP2600-Karte.
Tut mir leid, dass ich dir nicht helfen kann.

Liebe Grüsse

Hello PJDK,
Unfortunately, I can tell you no correct measuring data, because I have a very different machine from another manufacturer. Also my control and the stepper motors are quite different from those of Next3D. I know myself only generally with CNC controls and know the pinout of the LPT connection from STEP 2600th
If despite correct connection of the STEP2600 thes tepper motors do not function properly, you should contact the support of GoCNC record. That you can make phone or via email. The address and telephone number can be found on the website of GoCNC.
I suspect a defect of STEP2600 card.
I'm sorry that I can not help you.

Kind regards

Problems with stepper motor control Next3D

Verfasst: Mo 2. Okt 2017, 20:06
von Dudezxth
Hi Sean,

You have built a number of machines that use two stepper motors on the same axis, how the devil do you get both to stay in-sinc with each other from the breakout board plus get them to rotate in the correct direction to drive the axis smoothly ?



Re: Problems with stepper motor control Next3D

Verfasst: Mi 18. Okt 2017, 08:32
von Gocnc
Hi Terry,

contact service@gocnc.de for questions.